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Thursday, 3 November 2011

How easy is it to understand?

I had a brainwave that I could use this blog to see how much txt language the general public understood. There is a link below which will load up a pop up quiz. It will list a selection of txt terminology which I gathered from a website called Lingo to Word. It is your job as the reader to try and translate as many of the phrases as possible. Good luck :-P 

Click here to open the quiz


  1. Well I understand most of them, but how will you get feedback? Suggest you use something like Twitpoll to gauge a reaction from readers? It embeds into the blog and people can vote on each question or add answers.

  2. Also, if the first person to respond gets them all correct, the next person only has to read the first person's comments and can cheat ;-)

  3. I did not think of this!! Seems so obvious now. I'll have a look at Twitpoll now :) thanks!

  4. I think I have updated it correctly so hopefully this will improve it!