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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Losing my Blogging Virginity!

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am trying this out for the first time so please forgive me for any blogging mistakes.

This blog is based around the subject of 'Txting' and how texting can have an impact on learning.

I hope you enjoy it :)



  1. Nice start Gem. Now you need to post some content that is thoughtful, provocative or challenging based on your chosen topic of txting. Keep up the good work - this looks really good. Looking forward to reading more of your posts over the coming weeks.

  2. A very interesting topic! Have subscribed to your blog so I won't miss any posts :)
    Hi from Germany

  3. Thank you very much both of you. I've just finished doing a new post now. It's only a first attempt so apologies if it's not that great but it would be fab to get your feedback :)