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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Results from my Text Lingo quiz.

Thank you to everyone who took part in my quiz which I recently placed in a blog.

The results suggests that people managed to understand the majority of the text lingo, maybe more than I thought they would be able too.

The first phrase to translate was:
23 people out 23 people translated this correctly as Are you ok? 100%

The 2nd phrase was:
Again 23 people translated this one as Laughing My Ass Off. This phrase seems to be very popular on social networking sites so I think this may be why there was a 100% accurate response rate.

The 3rd phrase was:
The correct translation of this phrase is Are you free tonight? 21 people out of 23 got this one correct. The other two answers were 'Are you feeling unwell tonight?' and 'Are you ? tonight?'
I think will this one the 'F' could really stand for anything so I was quite surprised that 21 people still got the same translation as the one I was after/

The 4th phrase was:
22 out of 23 people translated this as 'See you later?' whereas the other participant translated this saying as 'Call you later?' which could always be correct. There is not a correct answer in this case but it is obvious that the majority of public would understand phrase 4 to mean See you later?

The 5th phrase was:
The translation as stated on the lingo2word website is 'Happy Birthday to you' however the majority of participants translated this phrase as 'How about you?' which I can understand. I think that this question proves that txt language can sometime be ambiguous and therefore sometimes hard to understand its true meaning which was intended by the sender.

The 6th phrase was:
This question appeared to me the most difficult as only ten people chose to answer it. However all the participants who did answer it got it correctly translated to 'Just to let you know'. It seems that either you are confident and you know the meaning of the phrase or you are not aware of it at all.

The 7th phrase was:
I feel that this is probably one of the most well known txt speak phrases so I was not surprised when 100% of the participants translated it to mean 'Laugh out Loud.' A couple of participants also stated in their answers that it could also mean 'lots of love'.

The 8th phrase was:
6T, 7T, 8T
There were 16 responses for this question all of which were correctly translated as Sixty, Seventy, Eighty. The other 7 people chose not to respond.

The 9th phrase was:
12 people translated this correctly as 'I'm starving', one people translated it as 'I am fine' and another translated it as 'I'm living'. The other 9 people did not respond. I can understand why some participants found this one difficult.

The 10th phrase was:
18 people translated this to me 'Do you understand?' which is the correct answer. The other 5 people did not respond.

From my results it is clear that there are certain phrases which are more easily understood such as LOL, and there are some which are more ambiguous such as HBTU. 

My main conclusion is that more people understood the phrases than I previously anticipated. 

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